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Welcome to Blackmores.net

This website has been created to introduce you to some useful and informative Internet sites. We have included a thumbnail of each home page (click to visit website) and a short write-up of our own to give visitors an idea regarding its content.

If you would like to send us your comments, or are interested in having your own site featured, please feel free to email us. We will be pleased to hear from you.

New York City Guide lists many attractions for visitors to the city. Most of the “must see” sights are included, plus a few less well known ones, such as the superb “Frick Collection”. Each site has an informative write-up accompanied by some good photo’s. The site also includes an informative “Tips & Tricks” page that is well worth checking out if you are planning a trip soon.

Email: info@new-york.me.uk

URL: www.new-york.me.uk

City of Paris features many of the well known tourist attractions located within the city. The site contains good general information on each attraction, so it is well worth a visit if you are planning a trip to this beautiful city. The site includes many photo’s to give you a feel for the places. There is an interesting page on the Catacombs that lay beneath the streets.

Email: info@paris-france.me.uk

URL: www.paris-france.me.uk

Berlin is a website featuring some of the many attractions in this reunited city. Included is probably the most famous attraction, the Brandenburg Gate, to the thought provoking Holocaust Memorial. Most of the Berlin Wall has now gone although the course of the wall is represented by stones set in the ground. This fast developing city had become a major tourist centre.

Email: info@berlin-germany.me.uk

URL: www.berlin-germany.me.uk

Tour of Rome presents the visitor with a whole host of useful information matched with many superb photographs. The site lists many of the key attractions in Rome, and the Vatican city. If taking a trip to this magnificent city, take a look at this popular site, as it will help you get the best from your visit by directing you to the sights that will hold the greatest interest for you.

Email: info@rome-tour.co.uk

URL: www.rome-tour.co.uk

Greek Islands Guide features some of the many Greek islands. Simply click on the island that interests you and you will be presented with information on that particular island along with some good photographs that give an idea what to expect if you should visit. The major islands such as Crete and Rhodes are featured, but also a few of the lesser known ones.

Email: info@greek-islands.me.uk

URL: www.greek-islands.me.uk

The Greek Islands is a well established website with not only information on many of the islands, but also on the Greek capital Athens. The site also includes a “Tip & Tricks” page that contains some useful information, especially if you have never visited Greece before. There is also a page that encourages the viewer to make an attempt to try the Greek Language when they visit.

Email: info@the-greek-islands.co.uk

URL: www.the-greek-islands.co.uk

Tour of Crete provides a pictorial guide to the largest of the Greek Islands. The site contains information on many of the islands resorts and places of interest such as the ancient city of Knossos and the Samaria Gorge. The resorts are listed in alphabetical order which makes it easy to go directly to the information you want. The site contains many photo’s on each of the resorts. Email: info@tour-crete.co.uk

URL: www.tour-crete.co.uk

Egypt and the Nile concentrates mostly on sights you may visit while on a Nile cruse. Egypt has a fascinating history, and this site is a good pictorial guide to many of its ancient sights mostly based along the banks of the river Nile. Information on what to expect if you choose to take a hot air balloon trip, and an informative “tips & Tricks page makes this site well worth a visit.

Email: info@egypt-nile.co.uk

URL: www.egypt-nile.co.uk

Holywell Nursing Home is a family owned and run nursing home located in the village of Brent Knoll in Somerset. They specialise in medium to long term care, plus they offer a flexible respite care service. Over the past 25 years they have built a reputation for providing high quality care in a friendly and supportive environment, plus the building is wheelchair friendly.

Email: info@holywellnursinghome.co.uk

URL: www.holywellnursinghome.co.uk

City of Florence website features many of the well known “must see” tourist attractions located within this historically important city. The site contains good general information without going into too much boring detail. On the home page is a Google map to help plan your visit, and the site contains some good photo’s to give you a feel of each of the attractions listed.

Email: info@florence-italy.me.uk

URL: www.florence-italy.me.uk

South Africa presents the visitor with information on some of the cities, towns, and attractions that you may choose to visit during your stay, ranging from the very traditional Graaff-Reinet, to the ultra-modern V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The site also offers some practical safety information on its Home Page, essential reading prior to visiting this simply stunning country.

Email: info@south-africa.me.uk

URL: www.south-africa.me.uk

The Zanna Sloane Therapy and Wellbeing informs the visitor of the complementary therapies that Zanna offers such as Aromatherapy, Raiki, and Applied Kinesiology. Zanns also offers counselling in regard to bereavement, abuse, relationship problems, and major health issues. The service is available in South Somerset plus the Christchurch and Bournemouth areas.

Email: info@zannasloane.co.uk

URL: www.zannasloane.co.uk

The capital of the Czech Republic, the historic city of Prague, is featured here with pages on some of its many “must see” sights. This website is well worth checking out to ensure that you make the most of your visit to this fascinating city. To help you choose the attractions that suit you the best, the site has included both photos and good information.

Email: info@prague-tour.co.uk

URL: www.prague-tour.co.uk

Istanbul has a history of turmoil that continues to this day, but it is still one of the most fascinating city’s in the world, and this site introduces the visitor to some of the major tourist attractions that can be found here. Sitting astride the borders between east and west, Istanbul,s rich culture can be experienced at many of its internationally famous sites.

Email: info@istanbul-turkey.me.uk

URL: www.istanbul-turkey.me.uk

London Top Attractions introduces visitors to many of the top tourist attractions within London. Many are internationally recognisable, others less so. The site features, as you would expect, historical sites such as The Tower of London, but also more modern attractions such as the London Eye. To help plan your visit, a Google map has been included on the Home Page.

Email: info@london-top-attractions.co.uk

URL: www.london-top-attractions.co.uk